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Operation Protective Edge

Operation Protective Edge War Blog: July 18, 2014

July 18th 2014


6:15 PM ET July 18, 2014. Hamas’s Al-Qassam Brigades takes responsibility for latest volley of 10 rockets fired at southern town of Ofakim. Unconfirmed reports say three of the rockets were intercepted by Iron Dome. - Times of Israel

5:01 PM ET July 18, 2014. Israeli drones and helicopters, in addition to ground forces and fighter jets, are firing are on targets in the Gaza Strip. --Sky News

12:34 PM ET July 18, 2014. A fallen IDF soldier was identified as Eitan Barak, 20, from Herzliya. The IDF says he killed at around 3am in the northern part of the Strip. The army is investigating the possibility he was killed by friendly fire. -Ynet

9:26 AM ET July 18, 2014. An IDF soldier was killed in the early hours of Friday and five other soldiers sustained light to moderate wounds in separate incidents. Palestinian officials say that at least 24 Gazans have been killed since the ground operation began, including three children. -Ynet

10:16 AM July 18, 2014. Seven rockets were intercepted over Ashdod. -IDFBlog


Operation Protective Edge

Operation Protective Edge War Blog: July 17, 2014

July 17th 2014

IDF Medical Teams

4:45 PM ET July 17, 2014.  IDF Spokesman made a call to the people of Gaza and asked that they leave the area. He said that the military was ready and prepared for this incursion.

4:26 PM ET July 17, 2014. Israel has coordinated with Egypt and PA President Abbas a resolution blaming Hamas for deaths incurred by the ground invasion. i24news.com

4:10 PM ET July 17, 2014. Israel's ground invasion has begun.

3:39 PM ET July 17, 2014.  The Prime Minister of Israel approved a limited ground offensive to destroy the tunnels that lead from Gaza to Israel.  One adult and three teenagers were indicted today in Israel for the kidnapping and murder of the 16 year old Mohammed Abu Khdeir. The government of Israel is considering this an act of terror.

3:31 PM ET July 17, 2014. IDF shot down a Hamas drone over Israel territory. In the past 30 minutes, a barrage of 10 rockets was fired at Tel Aviv and seven were knocked down by the Iron Dome.  No injuries reported.

2:34 PM ET July 17, 2014.  Heavy fire is reported in Gaza from Israeli air strikes over the past 30 minutes.  There is "a lot" of activity in Gaza and it appears that power may be out in Gaza near the border. -i24News.com  Read more ..

The Battle for Ukraine

Malaysian Airliner Carrying 295 People Crashes in Eastern Ukraine

July 17th 2014

Malaysia airlines

A Malaysian Airlines jetliner flying from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur crashed Thursday in eastern Ukraine, and Ukrainian government officials said pro-Russian insurgents had shot down the plane.

The Boeing 777, carrying 295 people, went down in a rural part of the Donetsk region, not far from the Russian border, where the Russian-backed fighters have battled Ukraine governement troops in what increasingly resembles all-out war.

Malaysia Airlines said in a statement that the plane had 280 passengers and 15 crew members and lost contact with Ukrainian air-traffic control at around 2:15 p.m. UTC. Anton Gerashchenko, a top aide to Ukraine's interior minister, said the airliner was hit by a surface-to-air missile.

In a posting on his Facebook page, Gerashenko said the plane was flying at 33,000 feet when it was hit by a missile fired from a Buk launcher. The Buk is a sophisticated, medium-range, Russian-designed surface-to-air system that can fire missiles up to 72,000 feet. Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said he didn't rule out that the airliner was shot down. Read more ..

Operation Protective Edge

Operation Protective Edge War Blog: July 16, 2014

July 16th 2014

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6:47 PM ET July 16. The evening is so far relatively quiet in Israel and Gaza.  Hamas has yet to accept the humanitarian ceasefire proposal, while Israel has. Saeb Erekat, speaking to Wolf Blitzer on CNN believes that Hamas will ultimately agree to the proposal temporarily.

3:02 PM ET July 16. Iran's Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said that the Zionist regime has shown that they do not care for women or children, and continues to indiscriminately fire illegal weapons at children. -- i24News

3:02 PM ET July 16. An array of rockets were fired into Ashdod and Ashkelon. One landed on an Ashdod school which housed a bonm shelter. No damage to the building and the Iron Dome knocked out severeral more rockets. Read more ..

Operation Protective Edge

Operation Protective Edge War Blog: July 15, 2014

July 15th 2014

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6:12 PM ET July 15. Gaza fired close to 95 rockets into all parts of Israel today, following a day when there could have been a cease fire.

4:31 PM ET July 15. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu fired Deputy Defense Minister Danny Danon on Tuesday night over the latter's publicly declared opposition to cabinet's decision to accept a cease-fire with Hamas. "At a time when Israel and the Israel Defense Forces are in the middle of a military campaign, it is unacceptable for the deputy minister of defense to attack the national leadership," Netanyahu said in announcing the dismissal. - Haaretz

3:25 PM ET July 15. Iron Dome shoots down rocket over Kiryat Gat. Iron Dome shoots down a rocket over Kiryat Gat, after sirens sounded in the city and the surrounding area. - Times of Israel

2:45 PM ET July 15. A US State Dept. spokesperson said of the Israeli response to Hamas' rejection of a ceasefire "The Israelis welcomed the ceasefire, the cabinet supported it and as Hamas continued to fire rockets, Israel declined to respond for several hours." - Jerusalem Post Read more ..

Operation Protective Edge

Operation Protective Edge War Blog: July 14, 2014

July 14th 2014

Drone Chopper

8:55 PM ET July 14, 2014.  Rockets from Gaza hit the resort city of Eilat for the first time.  Five people were wounded and at least a dozen more were being treated for shock.

5:24 PM ET July 14, 2014.  U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry is heading to Egypt to help broker a 12 hour truce to begin at 9AM Jerusalem time on Tuesday.

2:57 PM ET July 14, 2014.  Egypt is reporting a Israel Hamas "truce" to begin 6:00AM Jerusalem Time Tuesday, July 15, 2014.  Al Arabiya claims that Israel and Hamas agreed in principle.

11:34 AM ET July 14, 2014.  One rocket intercepted over southern city of Be'ersheva.

11:10 AM ET July 14, 2014. IDF Reports that it is conducting airstrikes on Gaza targets every 4.5 minutes now.

11:00 AM ET July 14, 2014. IDF intercepted one missile over Ashdod a few moments ago. Read more ..

Operation Protective Edge

Operation Protective Edge War Blog: July 13, 2014

July 13th 2014

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3:15 PM ET July 13. 20 rockets from Gaza launched toward Israel, as sirens were hear in Jerusalem and environs. Sirens heard in Yavne, Gan Yavne, Modi'in, Ariel, Kiryat Malahi, the Ashkelon Coast Regional Council, Ashdod, and the Eshkol Regional Council.  -- Jerusalem Post. 

Iron Dome intercepted 2 rockets over Gan Yavne, one rocket was intercepted over Ashkelon and another rocket landed in an open area in the Ashkelon Coast Regional Council. -- Jerusalem Post. 

3:00 PM ET July 13. Hamas denied that its leader, Khaled Mashaal was visiting Turkey to seek a ceasefire and end the current hostilities. -- Jerusalem Post.

2:30 PM ET July 13. Secretary of State Kerry phoned Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu to convey U.S. concern over ground warfare. -- Martin Barillas. Read more ..

Operation Protective Edge

Operation Protective Edge War Blog: July 12, 2014

July 12th 2014

Iron Dome sunset

9:30 PM ET July 12. Israel has carried out its first ground operation against Hamas militants in Gaza since launching Operation Protecttive Edge. Commandos raided a rocket site, sustaining casualties: four Israeli soldiers were slightly wounded during an exchange of gunfire with Palestinian fighters.

6:40 PM ET July 12. Some four thousand Palestinians evacuate their homes in the northern Gaza Strip following an IDF warning, taking refuge in UNRWA facilities in the coastal enclave, Israel Radio reports. The Beit Lahiya residents head to six centers in Gaza City, and one in Jabaliya. Earlier, the army dropped leaflets, and sent text messages and voice messages to residents, urging them to depart before noon due to an impending strike. As of 2009, Beit Lahiya had approximately 75,000 residents. -Times of Israel

Operation Protective Edge

Operation Protective Edge - Live War Blog July 11, 2014

July 11th 2014

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2:35 PM ET July 11. Hamas instructs Gazans how to manage world opinion on social media. "When referring to casualties in Gaza, the term "innocent citizen" should always be added to the name," a video says. "Begin your coverage of the resistance [Hamas] activities by writing ‘in response to the brutal Israeli attack’ and end it with ‘more than X martyrs have been killed since Israel began its aggression against Gaza'."

11:35 PM ET July 11. Sirens are ringing in Tel Aviv right now, asking people to take shelter. PM Netanyahu said that Israel is intensifying the air strikes and that a ground invasion may be necessary.

11:27 AM ET July 11. PM Benjamin Netanyahu said that the radicalization of the Middle East is becoming more evident, and Israel will not drop its guard and will fight for its people. He said that removing long range weapons from Gaza and Hamas is of primary importance and that will have to be part of any cease-hostility deals. Read more ..

The Caliphate

ISIS Seizes Nuclear Materials' from Mosul University

July 11th 2014

Iraq ISIL double file of militants

Iraq has told the United Nations that “terrorist groups” have seized nuclear materials used for scientific research at a university in the country's north. In a letter seen by Reuters, dated 8 July, the country appealed for help to “stave off the threat of their use by terrorists in Iraq or abroad”.

But the UN atomic agency said on Thursday it believed the nuclear material requisitioned by insurgents was “low grade” and did not pose a significant security risk. Iraq's UN Ambassador Mohamed Ali Alhakim told UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in the letter that nearly 40 kilogrammes (88 pounds) of uranium compounds were kept at Mosul University. “Terrorist groups have seized control of nuclear material at the sites that came out of the control of the state,” Alhakim wrote, adding that such materials “can be used in manufacturing weapons of mass destruction.”


Operation Protective Edge

Operation Protective Edge - Live War Blog July 10, 2014

July 10th 2014

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6:22 PM ET July 10. AP reports President Obama has told Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu that the US is willing to negotiate a cease-fire between Israel and Hamas.

5:50 PM ET July 10. The Israeli Parliamentary Chair, MK Ze'ev Elkin is investigating the source of a leak of their high level meeting in S'Derot earlier today.

5:30 PM ET July 10. Three people injured, one seriously on the Gaza Border this eveing in Israel.

1:00 PM ET July 10. S'Derot has been a focus of many bombs from Gaza.  There is one report of an impact with no injuries.

12:57 PM ET July 10. Six Missilies intercepted above Tel Aviv, and a heavy barrage of bombs have been launched deeper into Israel in the past few minutes.

12:42 PM ET July 10. 
Code Red rocket siren sounds in Dimona, Mitzpe Ramon, and Beersheba. Read more ..

Operation Protective Edge

Operation Protective Edge - Live War Blog - July 9, 2014

July 9th 2014

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5:30 PM EST July 9. IDF Chief of Staff, Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz, has approved all of the plans for an IDF ground offensive into Gaza, IDF Spokesman Brig. Gen. Moti Almoz said Wednesday evening. He added that the pressure on Gaza will grow in the coming hours and the IAF attacks will become even more intense. -- Arutz7

 3:00 PM ET July 9. Two Hamas Terroists attempted to ifiltrate Kibbutz Zikim near the Gaza border by way of sea, again. They were stopped my IDF troops. - i24 News

Rockets from Gaza came close to Ben Gurion Airport and were deflected by the Iron Dome. - JTA

1:49 PM ET July 9. The US condemned rocket fire from Gaza as the "deliberate targeting of civilians," while the EU denounced the "indiscriminate" fire and the "growing number of civilian casualties... caused by Israeli retaliatory fire," and demanded an immediate ceasefire. -- France24.

1:45 PM ET July 9. Hamas says that Israeli President Shimon Peres' threats to launch ground attack on Gaza Strip are silly and don't scare them. -- Jerusalem Post. Read more ..

Operation Protective Edge

Operation Protective Edge - Live War Blog - July 8, 2014

July 8th 2014

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11:00 PM ET July 8, 2014. Seaborne raiders from Gaza were killed in a firefight with Israeli defense forces just north of the Gaza border in Israel. Four Hamas terrorists were on their way to Kibbutz Zikim when they were met by Givati infantry brigade. -Israel National News.

10:56 PM ET July 8, 2014. Israeli air strike in Beit Hanoun in northern Gaza kills senior military commander of Al-Quds Brigade of Islamic Jihad in night raid. Six people killed, including two children. -- Israel National News.

9:41 PM ET July 8, 2014. Eyewitnesses tell The Cutting Edge News that no air raid sirens have been heard over Jerusalem for the last 9 hours.

9:09 PM ET July 8, 2014. Residents of southern Israel encounter garbage-strewn bomb shelters and are exposed to Hamas rocket fire. -- Times of Israel.

8:54 PM ET July 8, 2014. Overnight Israeli airstrikes killed at least nine Hamas militants in Gaza, according to the Palestinian Islamist group, as tensions soar in the region in the aftermath of last week’s grisly murder of a Palestinian teenager. -- France24 Read more ..

Broken Borders

White House: Most Immigrant Children Will Be Sent Home

July 7th 2014

School kids

The White House said Monday that most of the thousands of unaccompanied minors flooding across the border would likely be deported.

The statement from White House spokesman Josh Earnest, who said most of the children crossing the border won’t have a legal basis to stay in the United States, comes after criticism from members of both parties, and ahead of President Obama’s trip to Texas on Wednesday

“Based on what we know about these cases, it is unlikely that most of these kids will qualify for humanitarian relief,” Earnest said. “And what that means is, it means that they will not have a legal basis for remaining in this country and will be returned.”

All minors automatically get a chance to apply for asylum in the United States, but the chances of it being granted are slim. To qualify, an applicant must prove they are part of a targeted class that is suffering persecution at the hands of the government and that their home government is unable or unwilling to protect them. Read more ..

The Edge of Terrorism

US Increases Foreign Airport Security -- Cellphones and other Electronic Devices

July 6th 2014

United Airlines jet liner

Passengers taking international flights into the United States now must have their cell phones and other electronic devices pass additional inspection before boarding planes, as part of the Transportation Security Administration’s most recent strategy to protect against the threat of a new type of terror attack.

The TSA said Sunday it is requiring only some overseas airports to conduct the additional inspections. The agency also said devices that fail to power up won't be allowed on planes and that their owners might have to undergo extra screening before boarding. “As the traveling public knows, all electronic devices are (already) screened by security officers,” the agency said in a release.

Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson on Wednesday ordered the TSA to put extra security measures in place at some international airports with direct flights to the U.S., based on intelligence that suggests new Al Qaeda efforts to produce a bomb that would go undetected through airport security. Some experts have suggested such a device would be planted in a laptop or other such electronic devices. Read more ..

The Caliphate

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, 'Caliph' of Islamic State, Finally Appears in Video

July 5th 2014

Abu Bakir

A video posted online on Saturday purports to show the leader of the Islamic State extremist group that has overrun much of Syria and Iraq delivering a sermon at a mosque in Iraq, in what would be a rare — if not the first — public appearance by the shadowy militant.

The video was released on at least two websites known to be used by the group, but it was not possible to independently verify whether the person shown was indeed the group's leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. It bore the logo of al-Furqan, the group's media arm. Through brute force and guile, the Islamic State group has seized control of a vast swath of land straddling Syria and Iraq, and has declared the establishment of an Islamic state, or caliphate, in those territories. It proclaimed al-Baghdadi the leader of its state and demanded that all Muslims pledge allegiance to him.

"The mujahedeen have been rewarded victory by God after years of jihad, and they were able to achieve their aim and hurried to announce the caliphate and choose the Imam," he says in the video, referring to the leader. Read more ..

America on Edge

"Boys Will Be Boys" Seems to be America's Campus Rape Policy

July 4th 2014


Before one even begins to discuss the root causes of rape-- the personal motivations, the sociocultural beliefs and practices that may attribute to the act; one has to realize and acknowledge that rape is a brutal act of violence. Rape, which can be defined as, penetration no matter how slight, of the vagina or anus with any body part or object, or oral penetration by a sex organ of another person, without consent of the victim (Per the FBI's Uniform Crime Reporting Program), can affect victims for many years after initial contact, and after any physical wounds have healed. Many rape victims subsequently have to cope with a form of post-traumatic stress disorder referred to as post traumatic rape syndrome; and the hallmark of this disorder is that it is psychological reaction to being exposed to an event (a brutal act of sexual violence) which is outside the range of normal human experience. The assault and trauma impacts the brain in such a way that it often leave victim's with impaired verbal skills, short term memory loss, memory fragmentation, and delayed recall, which exemplifies why rape victims have a great difficulty functioning and responding to a line of questioning in a courtroom setting. The following symptoms are often present in Rape Trauma Syndrome: Read more ..

The Edge of Nature

Supervolcanoes Erupt by Their Own Rules

July 3rd 2014

Volcano erupting

Huge volcanic blasts occur less frequently than scientists would expect, and now volcanologists think they can explain why: super-eruptions and smaller eruptions are triggered by fundamentally different processes.

Small volcanoes, such as Italy’s Stromboli, erupt when molten rock rises from deep within Earth and then stalls in an underground chamber until enough pressure builds to blast it out to the surface. But the magma chambers of giant volcanoes—such as the one that erupted 2 million years ago beneath what is now Yellowstone National Park in the western U.S.—are too large for pressure from magma squirts to cause an eruption. Instead, the molten rock accumulates until its sheer buoyancy creates a different kind of stress, one that cracks open the top of the chamber and starts an eruption, researchers report. Read more ..

Israel on Edge

Hamas Will Pay, Israel Declares

June 30th 2014


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday night said that “Hamas is responsible, and will pay the price” for the deaths of the three youths abducted on June 12. ‏Hamas officials warned that if Israel strikes Gaza in retaliation for the deaths, or for the past two weeks of rocket fire into Israel, then “the gates of hell” will open.
“If the occupiers carry out an escalation or a war, they will open the gates of hell on themselves,” Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri told AFP, according to the Palestinian Ma’an News Agency.

“The body of three settlers discovered,” Hamas MP Mushir Al-Masri wrote on his Facebook page, according to The Times of Israel. “Better luck next time, God willing,” Al-Masri wrote, mockingly. Read more ..

The New Caliphate

Al-Qaida Splinter Declares New Islamic Caliphate

June 30th 2014

Iraq ISIL double file of militants

The al-Qaida breakaway group that has seized much of northeastern Syria and huge tracts of neighboring Iraq formally declared the establishment of a new Islamic state on Sunday and demanded allegiance from Muslims worldwide.

With brutal efficiency, the Sunni extremist group has carved out a large chunk of territory that has effectively erased the border between Iraq and Syria and laid the foundations of its proto-state. But the declaration, made on the first day of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, could trigger a wave of infighting among the Sunni militant factions that formed a loose alliance in the blitz across Iraq and impact the broader international jihadist movement, especially the future of a-Qaida.


Obama's Second Term

Obama is Worried about Terrorism

June 29th 2014

President Obama said that the U.S. has been seriously threatened by terrorists for his entire time in office and even since before the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.

“They’re gaining strength in some places,” Obama said on ABC’s “This Week.”
Obama added that his administration is trying to boost its response to terrorists trained in Iraq and Syria who, because of European passports, would have little trouble getting to the U.S.

“We’re spending a lot of time, and we have been for years, making sure that we are improving intelligence so that we can respond to that,” Obama said. “There are going to be times where we take strikes against organizations that could do us harm.” Read more ..

Obama's Second Term

Obama Gets a Right Jab from Supreme Court over Recess Appointments

June 27th 2014

The Supreme Court's rebuke Thursday of President Obama's appointments to the National Labor Relations Board has thrown hundreds of decisions made while the agency was unconstitutionally constructed into doubt.

Having to revisit those verdicts could draw the labor board away from its agenda, to the delight of Republicans and business groups who have assailed it as a tool of Democrats and big unions, especially under the current administration.

The NLRB is now scrambling to determine what is required following the finding that the board contained members whose appointments exceeded presidential authority under the Constitution’s Recess Appointment Clause. Read more ..

Obama's Second Term

Seeking a Legacy, Obama to Begin Talks with Cuba on Economic Embargo

June 26th 2014

A breakthrough in U.S.-Cuba relations may be in the offing. On June 14, Uruguayan President Jose Mujica delivered a letter from U.S. President Barack Obama to Cuban President Raul Castro, according to Uruguayan media June 20, containing an offer to begin talks on a variety of issues, most prominently Washington's longstanding economic embargo.

According to Uruguayan media, Obama had asked Mujica to help him improve relations with the island nation when Mujica was in Washington in mid-May. If the report is true, the transaction could be the first step toward reconciliation. Read more ..

Iran's Nukes

Preventing an Iranian Breakout after a Nuclear Deal

June 25th 2014

Iran Long-Range Missile

Assuming a final Iranian nuclear agreement is achieved, whatever the details, the task of the United States, the rest of the P5+1 (Britain, China, France, Russia, and Germany), and U.S. allies and friends in the region to manage the threat of an Iranian nuclear program will not slacken. Thus, the arrangements to encourage Iran to stick with an agreement will be every bit as important as the specifics of an agreement itself. It is thus important to begin thinking about these arrangements now.

Furthermore, even with an agreement, the United States and its partners will face a long-term Iranian push for hegemony in the Middle East. That fact, plus analogous recent Russian and Chinese behavior and questions about U.S. responses, offers the context within which any nuclear deal, and plans to maintain it, must be considered. Read more ..

Inside Politics

Rangel Wins Heated Primary Fight

June 25th 2014

Charley Rangel

The Associated Press has called the race for Rangel nearly a day after polls closed, with him leading New York state Sen. Adriano Espaillat (D) by 47 percent to 44 percent with 100 percent of precincts reporting.
Rangel declared victory Tuesday night, but Espaillat refused to throw in the towel, citing outstanding absentee ballots.

The win means Rangel, 84, is all but guaranteed a return to Congress after one of the toughest challenges of his career.

"Words cannot describe my overwhelming gratitude to the voters of the 13th congressional district of our great state for standing with me to the very end and giving this veteran his one last fight," Rangel said in a statement released after the AP call. "I am grateful for this special privilege to continue serving my beloved community and friends, both my dearest old friends in Upper Manhattan and new ones in the Bronx, whom I have had the greatest honor of representing in Congress. I've got a lot of fight in me and will not let them down."

Rangel faced a tough reelection battle in a district that became significantly more Hispanic and less African-American after 2010's redistricting, and has been rapidly changing due to gentrification.

Espaillat, a hard-charging young lawmaker, had held him to a slim victory in 2012 and was back with more name recognition this time around. The changing district and questions about Rangel's ethics set up a tough race. Read more ..

Obama's Second Term

Obama has Unfinished Business in Both Iraq and Ukraine

June 24th 2014

In recent weeks, some of the international system's unfinished business has revealed itself. We have seen that Ukraine's fate is not yet settled, and with that, neither is Russia's relationship with the European Peninsula. In Iraq we learned that the withdrawal of U.S. forces and the creation of a new Iraqi political system did not answer the question of how the three parts of Iraq can live together. Geopolitical situations rarely resolve themselves neatly or permanently.

These events, in the end, pose a difficult question for the United States. For the past 13 years, the United States has been engaged in extensive, multidivisional warfare in two major theaters -- and several minor ones -- in the Islamic world. The United States is large and powerful enough to endure such extended conflicts, but given that neither conflict ended satisfactorily, the desire to raise the threshold for military involvement makes logical sense. Read more ..

Obama's Second Term

House Oversight Committee Issues Subpoena to White House Lawyer Jennifer O'Connor

June 23rd 2014

The House Oversight Committee has subpoenaed a White House lawyer to testify Tuesday about the IRS’s inability to recover Lois Lerner’s missing emails.

The administration declined to make Jennifer O’Connor available for testimony, prompting the subpoena from Oversight Chairman Darrell Issa (R-Calif.).

Issa said O’Connor is a key witness because she helped the IRS respond to document requests about its targeting controversy. O’Connor started at the IRS in May 2013, shortly after the controversy broke, before later joining the White House counsel’s office. Read more ..

The Battle of Iraq

ISIS Secures Iraq Border Crossing

June 22nd 2014


Sunni fighters led by the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) have expanded their offensive in Iraq, capturing more territory from the government. ISIL, an al-Qaeda breakaway group active in Syria and Iraq, has taken the towns of Qaim, Rawah and Anah in Anbar province. Qaim, located on the border with Syria, hosts a key crossing between the two countries. Fighters also claim to be in full control of the northern city of Baiji, which hosts Iraq's biggest oil refinery, though the military denies the rebels control the refinery itself.

The Associated Press news agency, citing Iraqi miltary officials, reported that Sunni fighters captured two border crossings, the Turaibil crossing with Jordan and the al-Walid crossing with Syria, on Sunday. Read more ..

Broken Justice

Supreme Court Justices Earn Big Money On the Side

June 21st 2014

Supreme Court

Between legalizing gay marriage and sparring over campaign finance limits, the U.S. Supreme Court kept busy — and made money — outside the marbled halls of One First Street last year.

All but one of the nine high court justices earned teaching income or book royalties in 2013, hauling in a quarter of a million dollars for their work shaping young legal minds in the classroom or through the written word.

Top earner Justice Antonin Scalia raked in more than $100,000 in book royalties for his 2012 tome "Reading Law: Interpretation of Legal Texts" and teaching wages from Southern Methodist University, Duke University, Tufts University and Pennsylvania State University, according to new financial disclosure reports just released . Read more ..

Broken Government

IRS Denies Coverup of Missing Emails Implicating Agency in Political Activities

June 20th 2014

IRS Commissioner John Koskinen on Friday denied that his agency is covering up Lois Lerner’s emails and told Republicans his agency has nothing to apologize for.

“I don’t think an apology is owed,” Koskinen said at a hearing of the House Ways and Means Committee.

The hearing quickly grew heated, with Republicans audibly gasping when Koskinen said that Lerner’s crashed hard drive — which kept her archived emails — had been “recycled and destroyed,” something the commissioner said was standard procedure.

Ways and Means Committee Chairman Dave Camp (R-Mich.) told Koskinen he found it too convenient that an unknowable number of emails from the central figure in the agency’s targeting controversy can't be found during a time span, from 2009-2011, that Republicans believe is crucial to their investigation.
“It is no wonder I have heard the word ‘cover-up’ thrown about a lot this week,” Camp said at a Ways and Means Committee hearing that was Koskinen’s first public reply to the lost emails. Read more ..

Broken Government

Essential Evidence of IRS Malfeasance Destroyed by Obama Administration

June 19th 2014

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Congressional Republicans are hunting for hard drives, smartphones and maintenance logs that they think could yield emails from former IRS official Lois Lerner.

Two House committees — Ways and Means and Oversight — are investigating IRS claims that Lerner’s hard drive failed in 2011, likely erasing emails they believe to be relevant to their probe of the scrutiny that was given to Tea Party groups.

The IRS says backup copies of the emails no longer exist because until last year, it only kept such tapes for six months before recycling them. The agency has yet to say what became of Lerner’s hard drive, though Sen. Orrin Hatch (Utah), the top Republican on the Senate Finance Committee, and several GOP aides say they have been told the drive no longer exists. Lerner, the central figure in the IRS controversy, and other agency staffers discussed the drive going to the “hard drive cemetery” in 2011 if its contents couldn’t be saved, according to emails released Friday. Read more ..

The Battle for Baghdad

The Arab Intrigue Behind the Rise of ISIS in Iraq

June 17th 2014

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Events in Iraq over the past week were perhaps best crystallized in a series of photos produced by the jihadist group the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant. Sensationally called The Destruction of Sykes-Picot, the pictures confirmed the group's intent to upend nearly a century of history in the Middle East.

In a series of pictures set to a purring jihadist chant, the mouth of a bulldozer is shown bursting through an earthen berm forming Iraq's northern border with Syria. Keffiyeh-wrapped rebels, drained by the hot sun, peer around the edges of the barrier to observe the results of their work. The breach they carved was just wide enough for the U.S.-made, Iraqi army-owned and now jihadist-purloined Humvees to pass through in single file. Read more ..

The Battle for Iraq

Sunni Islamists in Iraq: "We Executed 1700 Soldiers"


Armed terrorists from the organization that fights in Northern Iraq and Syria claim that 1700 Iraqi soldiers were executed and also pictures of the executions was published, according to a report in the American newspaper New York Times.

The Islamist revolt is being orchestrated by a terror group called the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, a radical terrorist organization that is connected with Al Qaeda that in recent weeks took over a great part of Iraq and now it is 150 kilometers north of Baghdad. There is a doubt to the authenticity of the report and there is no proof to what they stated. Senior level officials in the Iraqi leadership have a doubt related to what the organization stated and they claim have no idea about a massive execution of Iraqi soldiers. Read more ..

The Battle for Iraq

USS George H.W.Bush Heads for the Persian Gulf

June 14th 2014

Click to select Image

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel is bringing U.S. military forces closer to Iraq as anti-government insurgents gain ground in the fight against Iraqi troops.

On Saturday, Hagel ordered aircraft carrier USS George H.W. Bush to be moved into the Persian Gulf, bringing it closer to Iraq, Pentagon press secretary Rear Adm. John Kirby said in a statement.

“The order will provide the Commander-in-Chief additional flexibility should military options be required to protect American lives, citizens and interests in Iraq,” according to the spokesman.

The spokesman said the aircraft carrier, currently located in the North Arabian Sea, is being accompanied by a guided-missile cruiser and a guided-missile destroyer and is expected to reach its destination “later this evening.” The navy’s movement comes as militants led by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria attack Iraqi troops. Read more ..

Hamas-PA Unity

Senators Demand a Halt to U.S. Funds for Palestinian Authority

June 13th 2014

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Khaled Mashaal of Hamas and Mahmoud Abbas of Palestinian Authority

Senators Mark Kirk (R-Ill.) and Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) issued a statement in which they called upon the Obama administration to halt and then review U.S. aid to the Palestinian Authority following President Abbas’ announcement of a new Hamas-backed transitional government. The statement said, "Israel has gone to great lengths in recent months to negotiate in good faith with the Palestinian Authority, but President Abbas’ announcement earlier today of a Hamas-backed Palestinian transitional government makes clear once again that Israel does not have a viable partner for peace."

Making clear the stakes for U.S. taxpayers, the senators said “The United States has given more than $5 billion to the Palestinians over the last several decades. U.S. assistance to the Palestinians has played an important role in helping to ensure Israel’s security and promoting stability in Palestinian controlled areas. Current U.S. law is clear – any government over which an unreformed Hamas exercises undue influence and which emerges from a Fatah/Hamas deal is not an appropriate recipient of U.S. assistance. The naming of a technocratic slate of ministers by President Abbas seems to be an attempted end run around these obligations." Read more ..

Obama's Second Term

Obama's Foreign Policy Prowess in the Dock Following Bergdahl and Iraqi Mess

June 13th 2014

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President Obama’s team of national security advisers is under attack on Capitol Hill for not foreseeing the collapse of Iraq’s Army forces who have been routed by Sunni jihadists.

Republicans are calling for heads to roll and Democrats have been slow to defend Obama’s national security team after a string of questionable performances.

Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle have second-guessed Obama’s decision to release five senior Taliban commanders from Guantanamo Bay and his handling of the civil war in Syria. Now they’re concerned the insurgent’s lightening war across Iraq has taken the administration by surprise. Read more ..

The Battle for Iraq

Iraq is Falling--Fast

June 12th 2014

Baghdad bomb

Battles continue to rage across northern Iraq, pitting jihadist group the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant against Iraqi security forces and their allies. The growing reach of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant has escalated an already brutal campaign in Iraq. Alarmingly quick advances by the militants across an important region of the Middle East could draw in regional powers as well as the United States.
Using hit-and-run tactics, the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant, also known as ISIL, has sought to keep Iraqi security forces dispersed and under pressure. ISIL has achieved this by striking at areas where security forces are weak and withdrawing from areas where Baghdad has concentrated its combat power. The jihadists have been working hard to improve their tradecraft by developing skill sets ranging from staging complex ambushes to using Iraqi army equipment effectively in surprise raids. ISIL has also sought to better develop its ties with local Sunni communities.

Vote 2016

Hillary Clinton Defends Being 'Dead Broke'

June 10th 2014

Hillary Clinton on Tuesday defended, but clarified recent comments she made about leaving the White House in debt in 2001.

“Let me just clarify that I fully appreciate how hard life is for so many Americans today,” Clinton said in a live interview on ABC’s “Good Morning America.” “I want to use the talents and resources I have to make sure people get the same chances.”

Host Robin Roberts asked Clinton if she can understand why people are questioning why she’d describe her family's finances as a struggle.

“Yes, I can, but everything in life has to be put into context. As I recall, we were something like in $12 million in debt,” said Clinton, adding that she soon entered the Senate and couldn’t do much to help reverse that at the time.

Her husband, former President Bill Clinton, she said, was born poor and has worked hard after receiving opportunities like a good education. Read more ..

Broken Healthcare

Why Medicare Advantage Costs Taxpayers Billions More than it Should

June 8th 2014

Medical bag

In South Florida, one of the nation’s top privately-run Medicare insurance plans faces a federal investigation into allegations that it overbilled the government by exaggerating how sick some of its patients were.

In the Las Vegas area, private health care plans for seniors ran up more than $100 million in added Medicare charges after asserting patients they signed up also were much sicker than normal — a claim many experts have challenged. In Rochester, New York, a Medicare plan was paid $41 million to treat people with serious diseases — even though the plan couldn’t prove the patients in fact had those diseases.

These health plans and hundreds of others are part of Medicare Advantage, a program created by Congress in 2003 to help stabilize health care spending on the elderly. But the plans have sharply driven up costs in many parts of the United States — larding on tens of billions of dollars in overcharges and other suspect billings based in part on inflated assessments of how sick patients are, an investigation by the Center for Public Integrity has found.


Hamas-PA Unity

The U.S. Has Been Speaking To Hamas Through Back Channels For More Than Six Months

June 5th 2014

Hamas head

United States officials have been holding secret back-channel talks with Hamas over the last six months to discuss their role in the newly formed unity government, according to two senior diplomatic sources with direct knowledge of the talks.

The meetings were held between U.S. intermediaries and Hamas’ leadership, which lives outside the Gaza Strip in third-party countries ranging from Egypt to Qatar and Jordan. Topics included the ceasefire agreement with Israel and the recently formed unity government between Hamas and Fatah.

During the talks, Hamas gave assurances that allowed the U.S. to support the unity government, despite heavy pressure by the Israeli government for them to condemn it, the diplomatic officials — one American and one Palestinian — said. They said those assurances including a commitment to maintaining a ceasefire with Israel. Read more ..

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