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Operation Protective Edge


Operation Protective Edge War-Blog: August 4, 2014

August 4th 2014

IDF Smuggler Tunnels

12:30AM ET August 5, 2014.  Minutes prior to the cease-fire, Gaza militants fired a series of rockets into Israel and Israel struck back hitting targets in Gaza with tank and ship artillery.

4:06 PM ET August 4, 2014. According to CNN, Egypt has arranged for an unconditional 72 hour ceasefire that Hamas has agreed to.  Mark Regev, the Prime Minister's spokesperson told a reporter that calm will be met with calm.   

3:43 PM ET August 4, 2014.  Israel is considering pulling out from Gaza without a cease-fire agreement with Hamas. Fox News

Israel already has been drawing down its ground operation since the weekend, but has kept up heavy aerial, offshore and artillery bombardments of the strip.

2:18 PM ET August 4, 2014. According to the Palestinians, Egypt is set to announce a cease-fire beginning at 8:00AM in Israel (1AM EST)

11:04 AM ET August 4, 2014. A unliateral Israeli cease fire for seven hours has just ended. During that time, Hamas claims Israel violated the cease fire although Hamas never agreed to it in the first place.

10:06 AM ET August 4, 2014. There was another terror attack in Jerusalem today, when a man on a motorcycle opened fire near Jerusalem University. He hit and severely injured an Israeli soldier.

8:37 AM ET August 4, 2014. Israel Defense Forces uncovered another tunnel leading into Israel that had several motorbikes stored inside. Israel says that it was planned for more efficient terror attacks on Israelis, using the speed and agility of the vehicles. -agencies

7:43 AM ET August 4, 2014. French Foreign Minister Fabius lashed out at Israel, arguing that it's right to security does not justify its actions in Gaza, which he characterized as "carnage." "How many more deaths will it take to stop what must be called the carnage in Gaza?" Fabius said in a statement. "The tradition of friendship between Israel and France is an old one and Israel's right to security is total, but this right does not justify the killing of children and the slaughter of civilians." He also called for a political solution to be "imposed" by the international community. i24News.

7:36 AM ET August 4, 2014. A Palestinian man driving a tractor intentionally rammed a bus in Jerusalem and knocked it over. The driver of the tractor, Mohammad Jabbis,a resident of the Jabel Mukaber neighborhood, was shot and killed by police. The Jerusalem police declared it a terrorist attack and were authorized to shoot the driver to get him to stop the vehicle. One pedestrian was killed when the bus flipped over and hit him and the bus driver was severaly injured. i24news.tv

5:10 AM ET August 4, 2014. Sirens warning of incoming rockets from Gaza sound in several towns north of Ashkelon. -agencies

One child dead, 30 Palestinians injured in alleged Israeli air strike.. Arab media alleges that Israel had violated its own ceasefire by carrying out an airstrike on the Shata refugee camp in the north of Gaza, wounding several Palestinians. The IDF said it is looking into the report. The current ceasefire took effect at 7:01 AM local time. -- i24News.

5:05 AM ET August 4, 2014. Israeli Foreign Minister Lieberman said at the start of a Knesset Foreign Affairs and Intelligence Committee meeting that there has been no decision to end the Gaza operation. Lieberman added that Israel is facing three options to end the fighting: through negotiations, by defeating Hamas or remaining in "limbo." Lieberman ruled out the latter because it meant the initiative would remain in Hamas's hands. He also said that he didn't rule out the option of Gaza being turned over to the UN. He said that such a move would require an agreement between Israel and the Palestinian Authority. As Israel's unilateral seven-hour ceasefire goes into effect, the IDF announced that though it wants to provide Gazans some relief from the ongoing fighting, it will respond with force if Hamas insists on continuing to fire rockets at Israel in the coming hours. Palestinian delegates in Cairo tell Palestinian news agency Ma'an that if Israel upholds the 7-hour ceasefire and sends a delegation of its own to talks in Egypt, they would consider holding their fire for an additional 72 hours. In the hours shortly before the ceasefire took effect, seven mortars fired from Gaza land in southern Israel, no injuries or damage were reported. i24News.

1:47 AM ET August 4, 2014. According to German magazine Der Spiegel, Israel intercepted Secretary of State John Kerry’s phone calls during 2013 Middle East peace negotiations. Intelligence agents from another country also could have overheard Kerry’s conversations as he tried to help reach a peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians, several sources reportedly told the publication. The allegations are being made during a difficult time between the U.S. and Israel, with Kerry being accused of favoring Hamas in recent negotiations to end a 27-day conflict between Israel and the Palestinian-backed Islamic terror group. - i24News.

1:25 AM ET August 4, 2014. The intelligence chief of the Islamic Jihad, Danien Mansour, was killed in the north of Gaza in what is described as a joint operation by the Israeli army and the Israeli internal security service (Shin Bet). He was the head of the rocket launching operations. i24News.

1:20 AM ET August 4, 2014. Three rockets were intercepted by the Iron Dome missile defense system, one over the city of Ashdod and two over Ashkelon. Ten Palestinians were killed overnight by Israeli airstrikes in the Gaza Strip, Palestinian Health Ministry reports, one of them, in Rafah, a child. Overall, the Palestinian death toll is 1,822. -- i24News.

12:41 AM ET August 4, 2014. Rocket sirens sound in Ashkelon and Ashdod. A rocket intercepted over Ashdod by Iron Dome system. Hamas will not hold its fire during the seven-hour halt that Israel declared will go into effect this morning in the Gaza Strip. A Hamas organization told the group's "Al-Aqsa" television network that the seven-hour cease-fire announced by the Israeli coordinator for government activities in the territories "was meant to divert world attention from the massacres committed by the occupation." Israel had said its military would hold fire in most of the Gaza Strip for seven hours today to facilitate the entry of humanitarian aid and for displaced Palestinians to return to their homes, but would fight back if attacked. The humanitarian truce, which will begin at 10 a.m. local time, would not apply in areas of the southern Gaza town of Rafah where Israeli forces are still operating, a Defense Ministry official said in a statement. Prime Minister Netanyahu said late on August 3 that the IDF will continue to operate “as long as necessary and until all the objectives of the operation are met.” He also said “Operation Protective Edge continues until the objectives are met,” after consulting with Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon, IDF chief of staff Benny Gantz, and Shin Bet director Yoram Cohen. “It will continue until quiet and security is restored for a considerable amount of time and significant harm has come to the terrorist infrastructure,” Netanyahu said. “It will continue no matter how long it takes, no matter how much force needs to be applied.” and “The IDF will regroup in accordance with security needs after the destruction of the tunnels has been completed and until we achieve the goals of the operation.” On August 3, Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan accused Israel of deliberately killing Palestinian mothers and warned it would "drown in the blood it sheds," pulling foreign policy to center stage as a presidential race enters its final week. -- Jerusalem Post.

12:00 AM ET August 4, 2014. Five police officers injured during riot on Temple Mount. Overnight rioting throughout east Jerusalem resulted in 12 arrests; police say security will be heightened in capital throughout Tisha Be'av. --Jerusalem Post

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