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Operation Protective Edge


Operation Protective Edge War-Blog: July 29, 2014

July 29th 2014

Drone Chopper

6:17 PM ET July 29, 2014. Hamas commander rejects the new cease fire proposal. He says Israel must stop its aggression.

Nachman Shai, Deputy Speaker and oppositon leader in the Knesset says he supports Netanyahu in this action, but would move afterwards to establishing a real peace with the Palestinians.

Palestinian Ambassador Riyad Mansour told Wolf Blitzer that a two state solution is the only route to peace.  He said that Israel began this after the three Israeli boys were killed and never showed proof that Hamas did this.

The United Nations just said that they uncovered another cache of weapons in a United Nations school.

4:26 PM ET July 29, 2014. CNN's Jake Tapper just grilled Mark Regev on how Israel can justify firing at Palestinian areas knowing that civilians will be hit and likely killed. Regev is brilliant in his role and finally said what I have been waiting for Israeli spokespeople to say since day one. He said, "Jake, the highest ranking military leader in our country said yesterday in Hebrew - so it is not for general consumption, but for the Israeli public (eluding to the practice that is often done in Arabic, saying one thing for Americans and a different thing in Arabic) - "we are pained by every death, every innocent killed and we are very much aware of the cost." Then Regev said pointedly to Tapper, "If we cannot respond to terrorists firing from behind civilians, then you have just given the recipe for success for terrorists all around the world. Just use civilians as shields and the western world should just cave to their demands all the time... No! We have to show them that terror cannot succeed and terrorists will not win."

12:45 PM ET July 29, 2014. There is word of a new temporary ceasefire agreement that has been accepted in theory by all sides. Israel's cabinet will now discuss the proposal. Knesset members such as Jewish Home member Naftali Bennett believes that Israel needs to continue hitting Hamas hard and not stop at this time.

12:35 PM ET July 29, 2014. Brigadier General Nitzan Nuriel has said that he believes that Israel is near the end of the search for and destruction of tunnels. According to his analysis Israel has a few more days of ground operations. "We do not need to re-occupy Gaza in order to maintain order," he said.

As to the rockets, Nuriel said that according to Israel's experts, there are maybe a few thousand rockets left and, "the good thing is that we know the rockets are not being replenished." i24news

12:15 PM ET July 29, 2014. A rumored 24 hour cease fire was initially reported by Yasser Abed Rabbo, a member of the PLO Executive Committee, and was said to have had Hamas' support. Yet, before Israel responded to it, Hamas turned it down. Israel has ramped up its destruction of tunnels and terrorist infrastructure and ten Israeli soliders were killed in combat.

8:30 AM ET July 29, 2014. Israel warned Gazan residents of eastern Khan Younis to vacate their homes immediately and head to central Khan Younis. The messages were delivered by phone calls and leaflets. -- Jerusalem Post and Fox News.

06:50 AM ET July 29, 2014. Israeli shells hit Gaza's only power plant, causing it to shut down and setting off blaze. PA spokesman says it is burning out of control. -- i24News and wires.

06:47 AM ET July 29, 2014. During the attempted tunnel infiltration into Israel by Gaza terrorists on July 28, terrorists came out of a tunnel near Nahal Oz and fired an anti-tank missile at the base of an IDF watch tower, killing five soldiers. IDF soldiers on top of the tower shot and struck at least one terrorist who attempted to kidnap a body. -- Jerusalem Post

06:45 AM ET July 29, 2014. Rocket fired from Gaza at Israel lands in Gaza; additional rockets land in Israel near Gaza border. No injuries reported.

06:40 AM ET July 29, 2014. Egypt’s Air Sinai cancelled its flight on July 28 Israel’s Ben Gurion International airport although the facility was operating as normal, an airport official says. The flight was cancelled due to the situation in Israel, the official said without elaborating. -- i24News.

06:35 AM ET July 29, 2014. Israeli warplanes hit the house of Hamas' top leader in Gaza, Ismail Haniya, inside the Shati refugee camp, his son said today. "The Israeli enemy struck our house twice," Abed Salam Haniya said, while Palestinians across the Gaza Strip are reporting intense Israeli strikes. --i24News

06:30 AM ET July 29, 2014. Sirens warning of incoming rockets from Gaza sound in central Israel. Three rockets were intercepted by Iron Dome system while a fourth fell in an open area. i24News

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