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New Thinking About Cell Phone Safety

February 14th 2013

SAR Test Result Sample

The verdict is still not in, yet there are no shortages of claims on every side debating the possibility that radiation that emanates from handheld mobile phones cause cellular damage.

There is no evidence that demonstrates cancer rates have gone up since the advent of the cell phone. Some researchers and medical professionals are comfortable resting on their laurels, dismissing the possibility of cancer and waving off any problems with cell phone use. Yet, others are not so quick to jump at offering a stamp of approval, claiming that cancer is not the only ailment we should be looking out for.

At a symposium convened at the City University of New York Graduate Center in New York City on Monday, February 11th to announce what is deemed as a breakthrough in science and research, Doctor Nancy Mueller of the Institute of Neurological Care in Englewood New Jersey suggested that the damage that cell phones may cause is yet unknown, and that ailments such as seizures, memory loss, and perhaps even nervous system disorders may be heightened by long-term exposure. She said that especially in children, where the brain is in its development stages, we should do what we can do to protect them and limit their exposure to cell phone emissions.

Promoted as new science, EZ Technologies introduced the Bodywell Chip to the public at this science-filled forum to show a device that it claims to reduce the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) of radio waves into the brain and body.  Their tests, conducted by RF Exposure Lab, LLC , a privately owned independent A2LA Accredited and FCC approved SAR testing facility in San Diego, CA, demonstrated up to 80 percent reduction in the SAR of waves from common phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the iPhone 5.  The Samsung tested with a reduction of 80 percent and the iPhone tested with a reduction of 68.2 percent, to be exact.

Dr. Nachaat Mazeh, a bio engineer at the Beaumont University in Michigan was one of the presenters and a researcher for EZ Technologies, who presented the test results and discussed the testing procedure.  When asked about how the chip was constructed, he replied that the company was in the patent process, so he could not reveal the procedure, and Haim Einhorn, the company’s CEO mentioned an “imprinting process” in which natural frequencies were embedded into the chip and those frequencies were a significant part of the defense against cell phone radiation emissions.

Einhorn began his address with a quote from Albert Einstein, saying “A new type of thinking is essential if mankind is to move towards higher levels”.  If he is right about his Bodywell Chip, then he is right about a new kind of thinking.

Quoted in several stories on the chip’s technology and usefulness, Professor James Lin at the University of Illinois in Chicago’s Electrical Engineering Department, a noted expert in the field of cell phone radiation research, initially said in a Chicago Tribune story in January that the science behind  the Bodywell Chip was "incomprehensible" and "technically meaningless,” but then after seeing the research following the February 11, 2013, symposium, he told the technology news site Newsfactor, "I agree the reports showed some SAR reduction for the four devices, as measured,” but he questioned whether the chip degrades cell phone signals, which Mazeh says does not occur.

If Lin can come around from “incomprehensible” to “intrigued”, and the product can do what it says, then Einhorn, an Israeli Born real estate executive who bought the technology from an Austrian inventor and has devoted a good portion of his life and personal wealth into developing this technology for consumer use is on to something powerful.

Einhorn emphasized this when he said, “What we never have to do now, since we created the Bodywell Chip, is look back years from now and say we should have…” Implying that, just as cigarettes were marketed and sold for over 50 years as safe, fun and stylish, only having discovered too late that they do cause cancer, we have the ability to limit radiation exposure from phones now – so why wait until research links it to something harmful.

Is that a good argument?  If you are one of those people who shop at Whole Foods, eat organic and free range meats or keep your child away from diet sodas, then this product is something that you can wrap yourselves and your children around as the cell phone continues to dominate our lives. 

There are those who believe it is fear peddling, such as Jeff Kagan, a consultant and commentator on the wireless industry, who was quoted saying, "These kind of ideas with chips that absorb radiation play into that fear, whether they work or not."

Another presenter, Dr. Moseh Einat, a researcher and professor of Electrical & Electronic Engineering at  Ariel University in Israel, demonstrated SAR rates and the allowances that the FCC allows in the US.  Einat continued to explain   what regulators around the world are trying to do to educate their constituents about reducing the SAR rates.

Einhorn mentioned groups such as the Environmental Working Group, the American Academy of Pediatrics as having called for safer cell phone use and warnings.  The Israeli Parliament last year imposed legislation that will ask cell phone makers to label phones with radiation warnings as alcohol and cigarettes have health warnings on them.

Then there is the Yale University study that concluded in May 2012 by Dr. Hugh S. Taylor, professor and chief of the Division of Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility in the Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology & Reproductive Sciences which suggests that cell phone use during pregnancy might cause behavioral disorders in offspring.

The World Trade Organization issued warnings about cell phone radiation, the Council of Europe issued a resolution on device radiation safety that urges its 47 member nations to adopt a "precautionary principle" when it comes to cell phone safety.  Among its other mandates, it “advocates educating the public as to the dangers of those wireless devices in our homes that continuously emit radio frequencies, including cordless telephone base units, Wi-Fi Internet routers, and even baby monitors.”

In 2012, Ohio Representative Dennis Kucinich began a push to legislate that radiation levels are clearly disclosed on cell phones, called the Cell Phone Right to Know Act.  The bill would be similar to the  bill in Israel.  Kucinich’s bill is still in its infancy. 

While the jury is still out and the naysayers abound, there is plenty of reason to consider taking at the very least, minimal precautions when using cell phones and when exposing younger people to cell phone radiation emissions.  It may be for naught, and the concern around the world may be proven wrong one day.  If you are among those who do not want to be caught down the road feeling that you could have done something to prevent a health problem, this Bodywell Chip appears to do what it claims and reduces the SAR of radiation from certain cell phones and tablets.

EZ Technologies’ site is www.bodywellchip.com

Seth Taylor is a technology writer

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