The rocket attacks on Israel – 190 so far – are being well-handled by the Iron Dome air defense system and by the Israeli Army and Air Force that is attacking the sources of the attacks, including underground rocket-launching bunkers in Gaza.

Of the 190 rockets fired, roughly half landed in “open areas” where they didn’t directly threaten populated areas. Of the other half, Iron Dome managed to knock out 90% before they struck targets. 

The Islamic-Jihad-Hamas-Iranian rockets are not very accurate. They are suited to be a terror weapon, hoping to create panic in a population, but they are not capable of intentionally hitting any military targets. Thus, the 190 rockets cannot directly inhibit Israel’s ability to respond militarily. Israel maintains complete air superiority and likely will attempt to quiet the situation by suppressing enemy fire, rather than launch a major – and massive – military operation against Gaza.