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Ancient Israel

Ancient Muslim Inscription Proves Jewish Ties to Temple Mount

October 31st 2016



The Edge of Terrorism

French De-radicalization Utterly Fails

October 29th 2016

Kid behind bars

The latest attempt by Western democracies to deal with the ever-growing threat of Islamic radicalization in the prison system has been deemed an utter failure. French officials announced Tuesday that they would no longer isolate inmates with jihadists tendencies from other inmates, or offer therapeutic services or specialized counseling aimed at de-radicalizing Islamic terrorists already in prison.

They found that the program actually increased the threat of radicalizing inmates into terrorists rather than diminishing it. Read more ..

Israelis and Palestinians

Moscow Seeks to Host ‘Meaningful’ Israeli-Palestinian Talks

October 28th 2016

West Bank Construction

An Israeli-Palestinian summit in Moscow would be a “thoroughly prepared” event aimed at reviving the reconciliation process, rather than yet another meeting for the sole purpose of holding talks, the Russian Foreign Ministry says. Moscow is continuing consultations with both sides of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, but does not “force” the events, because the revival of reconciliation talks is a “sensitive matter,” Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Gennady Gatilov told TASS upon his return from Israel on Thursday.

“This issue is very sensitive for the both sides. That’s why we’re currently undergoing the process of preparations and coordination with both sides. So far it happens through diplomatic contacts,” Gatilov said.


The Weapon's Edge

Russia Develops World’s First Para-drop Air Defense Complex

October 28th 2016

Russian soldiers Red Square

An air-droppable missile defense complex is being developed for Russia’s airborne forces to ensure that after landing, troops have the means to secure the skies and prevent inbound airstrikes. The system will be the first operating version of its kind in the world.

Russia’s airborne troops will soon have the means to effectively establish local no-fly zones with the help of a mobile crawler-mounted Ptitselov (Fowler) air defense complex, a hybrid of the well-known Pantsir-S1 (NATO designation SA-22 Greyhound) cannon-missile system mounted on an air-droppable BMD-4M armored vehicle.

“The Russian Army is going to become the very first to obtain air-droppable SAM complexes,”

Viktor Murakhovsky, a member of the advisory council of the Military-Industrial Commission, told TASS.

Until now, paratroopers could only defend themselves from air assault using close-range Igla and Verba MANPAD systems.


The Battle for Syria

A Solution for Syria?

October 28th 2016

PKK (Kurdish Worker's Party) Fighter

A respected Turkish journalist, Mahmut Borzarslan has told about an important Russian initiative to broker a deal to set up an autonomous entity in Syria for the Syrian Kurds. Borzarslan's article was translated from the Turkish and published this week (October 27th) in the blog, AL Monitor. His reports are most interesting because it tells us something about where the Russians are trying to go.

Simply put, a Russian team flew into Khmeimim Air Base, the Russian base in Syria, probably on a military transport. While the team is not precisely described, it consisted of members from the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Defense. One can be sure, therefore, that this was a fairly high-level initiative. The team met with Syrian and Kurdish representatives and presented a plan to grant Syrian Kurdistan "special status" meaning, in effect, that Syrian Kurdistan would become an autonomous area while remaining part of Syria. Read more ..

Vote 2016

Clinton Emails -- A Dark Sampling

October 28th 2016

Hilary Clinton

Most Americans know very little about the leaked Clinton emails.

Here’s what’s happening behind the headlines.

Major news organizations buried the most damaging. So we’re sharing some with you.

The FBI and State Department used the term “quid pro quo” in secret negotiations to alter the Clinton investigation in exchange for more embassy assignments.

The campaign strategized on political contributions from lobbyists of foreign governments.

The term “pay-to-play” was used in selling ambassadorships to donors.

The New York Times coordinated its criticism of Trump with Clinton officials.

The campaign chair [John Podesta] was disappointed the San Bernardino terrorist was Muslim and not a white guy.

[A lobbyist offered $5,000 in return for a White House meeting.

Staffers consider Chelsea “a spoiled brat kid.”]

Chelsea used charity money in her for-profit business.

Obama used Clinton’s private email while claiming he didn’t know about it.

Staff mocked Catholics, evangelicals, Bernie Sanders voters and Hispanics. And called southern states the “confederacy.” Read more ..

Campus on Edge

Is Iran Ratcheting Up Influence Peddling in American Universities?

October 27th 2016

Ali Rouhani of Iran

The American academy, which has revealed itself to be markedly susceptible to the intrigues of the Saudi-based radical Wahhabi sect and the Muslim Brotherhood, now faces the challenge of an Iranian radical presence.

Since 2014, admission of Iranian students to U.S. colleges has been permitted by the U.S. Treasury's Office of Foreign Assets Control. Iran has yet to flood the U.S. with its own professors. Nevertheless, there are indications that an Iranian wave may soon hit the American academic community. A network of apologists for the Iranian clerical regime already exists within the Middle East studies departments of American educational institutions. How much will this attitude grow in light of the Obama administration's turn toward Tehran? Read more ..

Vote 2016

Why Trump Will Win

October 27th 2016

Donald Trump Laconia NM Michael Vadon Jul 16 2015 03

Donald Trump is going to win on November 8th and the moment when this election turned from seeming defeat to certain victory will be the least expected and one of the most derisively attacked moments of his campaign.  During the third debate when Trump said on being asked if he would accept the election results, "I will look at it at the time" the election was his.  The uproar on both sides of the political spectrum has been an avalanche of criticism; this was Trump at his worst, the dooming moment of a quixotic and egomaniacal campaign.  Or was it?

Decisiveness and boldness don’t always result in a victory on the field of battle but indecisiveness and hesitation, in the moment of crisis, most assuredly will result in inglorious defeat.  Trump has been called a lot of things, probably the most flattering among, even his allies, is that he is a good “entertainer.”  For political acumen, he might be given a 2, and that would be the score given by his friends.  But too many have all missed something that Trump as seen since the beginning.


Jewry on Edge

Antisemitism in America is rising on the Right and the Left

October 27th 2016

uc davis swastika door

For thousands of years Jews have been targeted, persecuted and hated for a range of irrational and paradoxical reasons. We have been blamed for the crucifixion and killing of Jesus, even though Jesus was a Jew. We have been hated for maintaining our distinct Jewish identity – and, when we do assimilate, for threatening the racial purity of the society where we live. We have been criticized as pacifists and as warmongers, as capitalist exploiters and as revolutionary communists.

During World War II, the Nazis and their allies exploited this age-old hatred to carry out the Holocaust, systematically murdering six million Jews, while others around the world didn’t act or couldn’t act to prevent this horror from taking place.

The Race for EVs

Daimler the Latest to Establish Global Battery Production

October 26th 2016


In preparation its strategic shift towards electromobility, carmaker Daimler AG plans to invest 1 billion euros to quadruple its battery production capacity. Construction works for a second production facility at the company’s Kamenz campus have started.

The battery factory will be operated by Daimler subsidiary Deutsche Accumotive GmbH. The battery factory in Kamenz will cost about 500 million euros. Besides expanding the production capacity in Kamenz (Saxony), Daimler also plans to assign the role of a global battery competence center to that campus.


Vote 2016

Trump Calls to Investigate Obama

October 26th 2016

Obama speechifying

Donald Trump said today that an investigation into the involvement of President Barack Obama is warranted, following the release of emails from the account of Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman, John Podesta. The WikiLeaks hacking organization revealed that among the thousands of emails it stole from Podesta’s account that there is evidence that President Obama was aware of Clinton’s use of a private email server. 
Speaking today in an interview with Reuters, Trump said that it is “a big thing." He said, "This means that he has to be investigated."

Vote 2016

Voters Report Machines Switched Their Votes to Clinton

October 26th 2016

Vote Buttons

Residents of at least two cities in Texas are complaining that they voted for Donald Trump only to see the voting machine switch their ballot to Hillary Clinton.

Early voting for the 2016 presidential election started yesterday for people in some areas who have been given the opportunity to avoid the long lines on November 8.

However, in Amarillo, a woman was shocked to see her ballot flip from Republican to Democrat.

“Gary and I went to early vote today,” wrote Lisa Houlette on Facebook. “I voted a straight Republican ticket and as I scrolled to submit my ballot I noticed that the Republican straight ticket was highlighted, however, the Clinton/Kaine box was also highlighted!”

“I tried to go back and change and could not get it to work. I asked for help from one of the workers and she couldn’t get it to go back either. It took a second election person to get the machine to where I could correct the vote to a straight ticket,” she added. Read more ..

Vote 2016

Concern Grows Over Soros-Linked Voting Machines

October 25th 2016

Voting Booth

Concern is growing over revelations that voting machines in a significant number of states could be linked to a company tied directly to billionaire leftist George Soros and his personal quest to create a nationless, borderless global state.

The U.K.-based Smartmatic company posted a flow-chart on its website that it had provided voting machines for 16 states, including important battleground states like Florida and Arizona. Smartmatic Chairman Mark Malloch-Brown is a former U.N. official and sits on the board of Soros’ Open Society Foundations. Since the story first broke, the flow-chart has disappeared from Smartmatic’s website, raising further questions about the real status of the Soros-tied voting equipment and whether it is truly being deployed in U.S. elections. Read more ..

Inside Israel

Israeli Humanitarian Aid Worldwide on Display

October 25th 2016

Israeli Rescue team in Haiti

ISRAEL21c, a non-profit organization and online news source, has launched an interactive, multi-media exhibition that explores the global reach of Israel’s humanitarian aid and development assistance.

“My Name Is Israel” is the second in ISRAEL21c’s series of Do-It-Yourself exhibitions for readers and users. The exhibit covers 15 ways that Israel has sent aid to 140 countries, including disaster relief, community building and medical care.

It include articles, photos and videos that show disaster relief for earthquakes, floods and hurricanes—including search and rescue, medical aid, psychological assistance, and post-disaster assistance efforts—as well as efforts to bring clean water and efficient agricultural practices to developing countries. Read more ..

Significan Events

Israel Festival to Highlight Connection Between the Jewish People and Jerusalem

October 25th 2016

Wailing Wall in Jerusalem

The Israeli-American Council (IAC) announced that its 2017 Celebrate Israel Festival will prominently feature the historic connection of the Jewish people to its holiest city and spiritual center, Jerusalem, following the Oct. 18 UNESCO decision that denies the ancient Jewish ties to the Kotel and other Jewish holy sites.

“UNESCO’s resolution is completely divorced from reality, denying the 4,000-year connection between the Jewish people and our capital in Jerusalem,” said IAC CEO Shoham Nicolet. “In the face of the lies supported by institutions like UNESCO, the Israeli-American Council will continue to safeguard the truth.” Read more ..

Book News

Unprecedented Removal of Register of Copyrights Causes Consternation

October 25th 2016


Maria Pallante, the Register of Copyrights and Director of the United States Copyright Office, submitted her resignation today, after being abruptly removed and transferred from office last Friday by Dr. Carla Hayden, the new Librarian of Congress, who was sworn in just weeks ago. According to a statement issued by the Library of Congress, Hayden transferred Pallante to a newly created non-managerial position within the Library, Senior Advisor for Digital Strategy. Karyn Temple Claggett, an Associate Register, was appointed Acting Register of Copyrights, effective immediately.

We are disappointed to see Pallante go. She was a devoted leader of the Copyright Office, launching several major initiatives—including a full review of the Copyright Act to bring it into the 21st Century, and the modernization of the Copyright Office to better serve the evolving needs of digital-era Copyright Office constituents—initiatives that took great vision and courage. She also oversaw a full review of and set of recommendations for bringing the Office’s technology into the 21st Century; she shored up copyright registration practices and created a comprehensive online guide to registration and recordation—the 2014 Compendium of U.S. Copyright Office Practices, Third Edition—which was the first wholesale revision of the Compendium in 30 years.

In another major initiative (which the Authors Guild has adopted as part of our 2016 Legislative Priorities), Pallante led the Office in a comprehensive study and then a recommendation to create a small claims tribunal, which would allow authors and other creators to bring small infringement claims inexpensively, without having to hire a lawyer.


Vote 2016

Former Prosecutor: The Clintons Are So Corrupt, Everything ‘They Touch Turns To Molten Lead’

October 23rd 2016

Clinton in Egypt

Pithy former federal prosecutor Joe diGenova believes the recent Project Veritas video by James O’Keefe featuring DNC contractors explaining their dirty practices to foment violence at Trump events, is a prima facie case of federal and state criminal activity.

DiGenova says prosecutors should investigate everyone in the video, including Illinois Democrat Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky’s husband, Bob Creamer, who suddenly retired last week.

In this exclusive 26-minute video interview for The Daily Caller News Foundation, diGenova explains why many former and current FBI officials believe James Comey, the director of the FBI, is a “dirty cop.” When Comey refused to recommend prosecution of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton for her misuse of classified government information in July after “a fake and sophomoric” investigation, he bred cynicism and tainted the premier law enforcement agency. Read more ..

The Weopon's Edge

The Air Force Doesn’t Know How to Test Its Future Robotic Wingmen

October 23rd 2016

Cyber warriors

U.S. military leaders are spending billions of dollars to develop the robotic autonomy they say will drive technological dominance in the next decade or two. Here’s a question for the next five years: how do you test artificially intelligent weapons in a way that is both safe and yet credibly represents a battle environment?

Maj. Gen. Robert McMurry Jr., who leads the Air Force Research Lab, or AFRL, at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio,  is accustomed to testing dangerous and futuristic weapons, such as lasers. Read more ..


What We Know About That Massive Internet Outage

October 23rd 2016

Fiber Optics

Friday morning is prime time for some casual news reading, tweeting, and general Internet browsing, but you may have had some trouble accessing your usual sites and services this morning and throughout the day, from Spotify and Reddit to the New York Times and even good ol’ WIRED.com. For that, you can thank a distributed denial of service attack (DDoS) that took down a big chunk of the Internet for most of the Eastern seaboard.

This morning’s attack started around 7 am ET and was aimed at Dyn, an Internet infrastructure company headquartered in New Hampshire. That first bout was resolved after about two hours; a second attack began just before noon. Dyn reported a third wave of attacks a little after 4 pm ET. In all cases, traffic to Dyn’s Internet directory servers throughout the US—primarily on the East Coast but later on the opposite end of the country as well—was stopped by a flood of malicious requests from tens of millions of IP addresses disrupting the system. Late in the day, Dyn described the events as a “very sophisticated and complex attack.” Still ongoing, the situation is a definite reminder of the fragility of the web, and the power of the forces that aim to disrupt it. Read more ..

Vote 2016

Alleged Assault by Trump Supporter Questioned After Undercover Video

October 22nd 2016

Hillary Clinton

Videographer and muckraker James O’Keefe has already revealed the machinations of groups affiliated with the Democratic National and Hillary Clinton that have sowed violence and disruption at rallies for Donald Trump. In another reveal, O’Keefe has found that a 69-year-old protester, who had accused of being sucker-punched by a Trump supporter this summer in North Carolina, has changed her story.

Media reported that Shirley Teeter (69) of Asheville NC claimed that Richard L. Campbell (73) “cold-cocked” her in the jaw. Teeter told ABC News “I said, ‘You better learn to speak Russian,’ and I said, ‘The first two words are going to be ha ha.’ He stopped in his tracks, and he turned around and just cold-cocked me.” She claims she was punched in the face and fell on her oxygen tank, injuring her ribs, jaw, and elbow. She later went for treatment at a hospital.


After the Holocaust

Glenn Oswald and Cheryl Guyer Remain Silent on Detroit Museum Future

October 20th 2016

Detroit Holocaust Memorial Center

Cheryl Guyer, interim director of Detroit's Holocaust Memorial Center, and the museum's outside publicist Glenn Oswald, have both maintained silence about the beloved museum's future, this despite global attention focussed on the institution's plan for a so-called "new direction."


Guyer also functions as fundraiser for the museum. Oswald also serves in the Marx Layne public relations firm.


Despite eight phone and email requests for comment over a period of days, neither Oswald or Guyer have responded. The unusual silence comes in the wake of an article about the museum and its unclear future that was syndicated to numerous newspapers here and abroad, including the Huffington Post, Jerusalem Post, History Network News, Spero Forum, The Cutting Edge News, the Algemeiner and other leading Jewish and non-Jewish publications.


The Race for Energy Conservation

Vampire Power and the Saving Energy Little and Often

October 19th 2016

LED bulb

Jim Bird of Texas Instruments points out that "standby" may be a convenience in home electronics but it is also an energy drain. More needs to be done in saving energy on a global basis but small but ubiquitous changes can have a great impact.

Much time is spent discussing the need for more efficient use of limited energy resources, and with good reason. Energy demand continues to grow and the number of loads is predicted to climb exponentially as Internet of Things (IoT) deployment becomes real. In 2014, the International Energy Agency (IEA) published an enlightening (and somewhat sobering) document titled More Data, Less Power.

It’s a 170-page fact-laden discussion of global IT energy usage with recommendations for managing the predicted growth of worldwide power consumption over the next few decades. The list of contributors is impressive, including the U.S. Department of Energy, tier-one telecom manufacturers, big data, big network and everyone in-between.


Vote 2016

Coordinated Voter Fraud Revealed by James O'Keefe video

October 19th 2016

Hilary Clinton

Activist videographer James O’Keefe released today the second video in a series that has already made explosive allegations about the Democratic National Committee and its involvement with leftist organizations that have fomented rioting and disturbances at rallies for Donald Trump this year. In the video, operatives for the Democrats reveal how to commit voter fraud in an effort to win the presidency for Hillary Clinton. The first video had more than 2.6 million views on YouTube as press time.
In one segment, leftist Scott Foval admits that the Democrats have been rigging elections for the last fifty years through the liberal application of cash. He also described how Democrats bused people across state lines to cast their ballots in a rigged election in Iowa. Undercover journalists for Project Veritas Action caught Scott Foval, the National Field Director for Americans United for Change, saying, “we’ve been bussing people in to deal with you fuckin’ assholes [Republicans] for fifty years and we’re not going to stop now, we’re just going to find a different way to do it.” An operative for the Democratic National Committee, he admitted that he is “no white knight” while saying Democrats have rigged elections for years.
Foval explained how he and his associates avoid detection. One of the undercover reporters asks why they cannot simply “bus in” voters, but get them to use their own personal vehicles. Foval describes how they avoid being detected and free of criminal charges. “Would they charge each individual of voter fraud? Or are they going to go after the facilitator for conspiracy, which they could prove? It’s one thing if all these people drive up in their personal cars. If there’s a bus involved? That changes the dynamic.”

Vote 2016

Hillary Clinton Backers Worried About Clinton Foundation Scandals

October 17th 2016

Hilary Clinton

Hillary Clinton’s aides and supporters expressed concern about public perception of the Clinton family’s charitable enterprise, with one left-leaning pundit writing that Clinton seemed unaware of the “danger” of her “money problem,” according to purported emails just disclosed by Wikileaks.

Opinion columnist Brent Budowsky was chiefly concerned with the potential damage that could be caused by the publication of Peter Schweizer’s 2015 book “Clinton Cash,” emails show. The bestseller explored whether there was a relationship between donations made from foreign entities to The Clinton Foundation and the contracts that were approved by then-Secretary of State Clinton for foreign companies. Hillary Clinton has denied the allegations of quid pro quo.

“I have been vigorously criticizing the Schweizer book, but I absolutely believe the Clintons have a money problem, and they are not fully aware of the danger of this,” Brent Budowsky wrote in an April 26, 2015, email to Clinton campaign chair John Podesta.

Budowsky warned that congressional Republicans could try to ensnare Clinton in “a long-term perjury trap and endless cycles of news stories.” He was also troubled the public could grow weary “talking about Clinton issues and may simply want to move on.” Read more ..

Vote 2016

GOP HQ Firebombed in North Carolina

October 17th 2016

Donald Trump Laconia NM Michael Vadon Jul 16 2015 03

The Republican party of North Carolina tweeted images of a field office in the central part of the state that was allegedly firebombed today.  In a statement, Gov. Pat McCrory of North Carolina said, “The firebombing of a local political headquarters in Orange County is clearly an attack on our democracy. Violence has no place in our society - but especially in our elections. Fortunately no one was injured; however, I will use every resource as governor to assist local authorities in this investigation.”

Donald Trump has blamed "animals representing Hillary Clinton" for an apparent firebomb attack on one of the Republican's campaign offices. The presidential candidate took to Twitter after the office in Orange County, North Carolina, had been damaged when a petrol bomb was thrown through a window. The walls of the office were charred and a sofa burned in the attack, but no one was hurt. Read more ..

The Digital Edge

Sensors Make Streetlights Smarter

October 17th 2016

Downtown LA Neighborhood

As a way to curb street lights power consumption and unnecessary light pollution, Geolux (Samobor, Croatia) proposes to selectively and progressively turn on the street lights when they are needed, that is, when a pedestrian or when traffic are detected on the street.

The company has developed radar sensors that can be attached on existing street lamp poles and register movement at distance up to 150 meters for pedestrians and up to 300m for car-sized vehicles. An empty street could be dimmed to only 10% of lighting, and upon presence detection, the ZigBee-enabled radar sensors can send the location of the detected object to nearby street lamps, so those lamps closest to the object can be lit up progressively in a sliding fashion, following the motion of the detected person or car.


The Race for EVs

High-current EV Charging at 400 Amps Gets Closer

October 17th 2016

Better Place

When Audi and Porsche recently put up to discussion their ideas of high-performance electric vehicles, they made clear that the charging infrastructure will be the main bottleneck – after all their vehicles engulf some 350 kW at the charging station. Now the first components for high-performance charging are falling in place.

Independently of one another, connector manufacturer ITT Cannon and cable systems provider Leoni introduced elements of a charging infrastructure capable of reducing the charging time to a few minutes. Leoni showcased the concept design of a charging station capable of charging an 85 kWh battery (like the one used in the Tesla S) within 15 minutes. Within three to five minutes, the battery can be charged for a range of some 100 kilometers. During charging, 400 amps at 1000 volts are carried over the cable. Since conventional cables, dimensioned for lower currents, would overheat during the process, Leoni enables the current-carrying parts to be cooled actively. The company however declined to specify the coolant.


Vote 2016

Podesta Leaks: The Obama-Clinton E-mails

October 16th 2016

Obama downcast

Among the most noteworthy of the hacked e-mails from John Podesta’s accounts is an exchange in which Podesta consults Clinton consigliere Cheryl Mills about the private e-mail exchanges between President Obama and then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.
As readers may recall, I have long maintained (see here and here) that the principal reason why Mrs. Clinton was not prosecuted, despite a mountain of evidence that she committed felony mishandling of classified information, is the fact that Obama engaged in the same kind of misconduct. The president’s use of a private, non-secure channel to discuss sensitive matters with high level officials may not have been systematic, as Mrs. Clinton’s was. (Obama’s disturbing use of an alias, however, suggests that Clinton was not the only one he was privately e-mailing.) Nevertheless, the fact that the president was e-mailing Clinton means he not only participated in her misconduct but also that the Obama-Clinton e-mails would have been admissible evidence in any criminal trial of Clinton.

Edge of Cybersecurity

After Claiming Cyberattack is Russian, the Most Likely Response Is Non-Cyber

October 15th 2016

Cyber Warfare

Almost four months after the cybersecurity firm CrowdStrike claimed that two Russian hacker groups were behind the theft of data from computers at the Democratic National Committee and other political organizations, the U.S. government has publicly attributed the attacks to Russia. In a joint statement from the Director of National Intelligence and Department of Homeland Security, the intelligence community declared that it was “confident that the Russian Government directed the recent compromises of e-mails from US persons and institutions, including from US political organizations.” According to the statement, the hack was not the work of an individual calling himself Guccifer 2.0 or a 400 pound hacker sitting on a bed, but was: intended to interfere with the U.S. elections; consistent with other Russian efforts to influence public opinion in Europe and Eurasia; and was likely to have been authorized at the highest levels of the Russian government. Read more ..

Vote 2016

Wikilieaks Releases Hillary's anti-Obama Emails

October 15th 2016

HIllary and Huma pals

The “October Surprise” from Wikileaks has been an early Christmas gift for Hillary Clinton's critics.

And with the 7th leak of the Podesta emails now available, a new bombshell reveals how Team Clinton floated the idea of using Obama's Muslim heritage to attack him politically.

In a 2008 email titled “McCain Survey Take 3,” Kristi Fuska, a polling analyst for the Democrat Party, fired off a series of talking points to Bill Clinton's ex-chief political strategist, Paul Begala.

The introduction in the email message relays that the survey has been reworked, but still calls the following talking points “negative facts”:


The Race for Solar

Lower Cost Solar Cells - Just Add Water

October 15th 2016

solar power plant

Researchers at Japan's Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University's (OIST) Energy Materials and Surface Sciences Unit have discovered a method of making perovskite films with larger grain sizes that can result in lowering manufacturing costs of solar cells.

Earlier studies had concluded that exposing perovskite films to ambient air was detrimental because moisture reacted with perovskite, which degraded over time. As a result it was believed the material had to be prepared using a heat treatment called annealing in a water-free environment.

OIST researchers set out to investigate the effects of moisture on perovskite formation during 45 minutes of annealing, at temperatures between 105 and 125 degrees centigrade. The researchers grew a type of perovskite that has been shown to work better for solar cells.  Then, they compared the perovskite film's formation in a nitrogen atmosphere with its formation in humid air and found that the films actually receive a growth improvement resulting in larger grain sizes than usual in the presence of moisture. The film grows slowly, so larger grains can form.


The Islamic State

ISIS Crushes Revolt Plot

October 15th 2016

ISIS Group

The Islamic State group has crushed a rebellion plot in its stronghold city of Mosul in Iraq, Reuters reported Friday.

The conspiracy was reportedly lead by one of Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi's own aides, who along with 57 others, were executed for treason. The accused were drowned and their bodies dumped in a mass grave located somewhere in the barren outskirts of the city. The militants also known as ISIS responded to inquiries by family members regarding the whereabouts of their loved ones by refusing to provide any details except for a list of names of the "apostates" and indicating that they  could not be buried in Muslim cemeteries.


London on Edge

British Home Office Censors Report Accusing Government of Allowing "Muslim-Only Zones"

October 15th 2016

Shariah demonstration


Christianity on Edge

Hungary Opens Unprecedented Office for Persecuted Christians

October 15th 2016

ISIS Takes Homes in Mosul

The nation of Hungary recently did something that is as unprecedented as it is commonsensical and humanitarian: it "has become the first government to open an office specifically to address the persecution of Christians in the Middle East and Europe."

Zoltan Balog, Hungary's Minister for Human Resources, explained:

Today, Christianity has become the most persecuted religion, where out of five people killed [for] religious reasons, four of them are Christians. In 81 countries around the world, Christians are persecuted, and 200 million Christians live in areas where they are discriminated against. Millions of Christian lives are threatened by followers of radical religious ideologies.

"Followers of radical religious ideologies" is of course code for Muslims—they who are responsible for the overwhelming majority of Christian persecution in the world. Read more ..

Disturbed by the Anti-Israel and Anti-Semitic Vote by UNESCO Diminishing any Jewish and Christian Connection to Jerusalem

October 13th 2016

The Endowment for Middle East Truth (EMET) is disturbed by the anti-Israel and anti-Semitic resolution passed by UNESCO declaring that the Jewish people have no connection to the Old City of Jerusalem. On Thursday, October 13, 2016, the 200 session of the Executive Board of the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) met in Paris, France. Where they voted on Item 25 of the provisional agenda under “Occupied Palestine” that disregards the historical and validated Jewish and Christian ties to the Old City of Jerusalem. There were 24 countries that voted in favor of the resolution while 6 voted against and 26 abstained.
The resolution refused to refer to the Temple Mount as anything but the Islamic names “Al-Aqsa Mosque” and “Haram al-Sharif.” Further more, it went on to establish that the site is sacred only to Muslims and fails to mention the sacred and historical background of the Temple Mount to the Jewish people. UNESCO is supposed to be an organization that exists to promote international understanding through protection of heritage and support for cultural diversity, but sadly this action portrays a different picture – one of cultural hatred toward the Jewish people and an effort to delegitimize the Jewish State of Israel.
“No forum or body in the world can say that there is no connection between the Jewish people and the Land of Israel and to Jerusalem. A body that does so is imply humiliating itself” said Israeli President Reuven Rivilin in response to the vote. There have been a myriad of historical, factual, and archaeological connections between the Jews and Christians and Jerusalem. There is a deep-rooted historical and religious connection of Jews and Christians to Jerusalem that cannot be denied. For over 2,000 years, the Jewish people have been sustained in their belief of a return to Jerusalem, our holiest city. The return to a united, rebuilt Jerusalem has been part of the prayers that we say three times a day. For many years the Palestinian Authority and its cohorts in the international community have tried to erase our history and our historic, religious and cultural ties to Jerusalem. It is absurd to believe that international body is strong enough to eradicate the irrevocable connection of the Jewish people to their holiest city.”

Israel and Palestinians

The Sickness of False Narratives

October 13th 2016


A severe disease has stricken the institutes of knowledge, media, and academia in Israel. It's the disease of narrative thinking. There is no longer and truth, no historic facts. We are living in a new world. Instead of serious research aimed at finding the truth, the world now sees reality through different stories, with each community, group, people, and country having its own.

Case in point, the claims made by MK Ayman Odeh (leader of the Joint List party) following the death of former president Shimon Peres. According to Odeh, the "Palestinians of 1948" (how Israeli-Arabs define themselves), who experienced the "Nakba," are victims of the Zionist enterprise, of which Peres is a main representative. So why should the victim come to the criminal's funeral?

Israel and The Gulf States

How Israel Can Contribute to Saudi Vision For Alliance

October 13th 2016

Saudi Oil

The topic of establishing a relationship between Saudi Arabia and Israel raises many theories, assumptions, and emotionally charged arguments. Some of these arguments have merit, while others amount to nothing more than poorly formulated conjecture. These strongly held positions are especially interesting because they are put forward despite the current lack of an existing relationship between the two countries.

However, the prevailing political discourse might not only indicate that it is in the interest of both countries to form a collaborative alliance, but in the interest of the greater Middle East and their global allies as well.

In fact, there are some opinions suggesting that having a common enemy in Iran will help accelerate any sort of rapprochement between two of the Middle East’s most powerful nations. While that could be partially true, a more solid foundation for establishing deep-rooted ties between the two countries could manifest in the context of a mutually beneficial economic partnership. Read more ..

Vote 2016

The Same Media That Created Him, Now Out to Utterly Destroy Trump

October 13th 2016


This election cycle, the media’s influence has extended far beyond their tradition roles as reporters and provocateurs to actually framing the public debate.  By selectively releasing a decade-old ‘hot mic’ moment  in which Donald Trump spoke in demeaning, graphic sexual terms about women, the media sought to circumvent the focus on the issues that was originally intended to be focus of the town-hall style debate between the candidates Sunday night.

The reason why the media has been so intent on dragging extraneous, personally damaging information into the national debate is because they are now afraid of their own creation; Donald Trump.  Let’s not forget that up until this point, Trump’s campaign has been largely fueled by headline-grabbing sound-bites that the media were lapped up with the frenzied gusto of starving curs.  They in fact have now become so expectant of feeding off controversial statements generated by the candidates, that they have completely abandoned their roles as watchdogs guarding the nation’s storehouse of facts, integrity, truth and transparency.

The print media in particular have all but abandoned investigative reporting and profiling the lives and public records of the candidates; gone is the long form journalism of the past.  And the television media no longer even make the pretense of doing in-depth interviews, relying solely on sound-bites and ‘gotcha’ moments featuring a rapidly loudening cacophony of pundits with a bewildering set of agendas and vested interests.  Nixon administration vice-president Spiro Agnew’s words describing the media as ‘nattering nabobs’ would be even more applicable to today’s media than at the time he said them.  In fact, if he were a fixture on today’s political scene, he probably wouldn’t be in the running for VP, but in fact the CEO of a media start-up called “Natter ” which enabled pundits to instantly publish short, pithy attacks on political candidates.  Oh wait, I forgot; we already have that and it’s called Twitter.  But you get the point – Agnew’s ‘natter’ is today’s ‘tweet.’ Read more ..

Sweden on Edge

Swedes Attack Camp After Migrants Rape Wheel-Chair-Bound Woman

October 13th 2016

Syria protest

Swedes are outraged after reports circulated that seven male asylum-seekers attacked and raped a wheelchair-bound woman.  Swedish poilce report that the 30-year-old disabled woman was gang raped by the six men after she had asked to use a toilet at an asylum center after sharing a taxi with a resident of the center. Once she was invited inside, she was raped by the man and six of his fellow migrants. Furious Swede assailed a migrant reception center in Visby, chucking rocks at it. Attorney Staffan Fredriksson, the victim's representative, told local newspaper Aftonbladlet: "She followed him in and had no fears that something would happen. Then the man took advantage of the situation. The abuse started in the toilet. Where they came from we don’t know. This was going on for a couple of hours. She got paralyzed in this situation and was not able to bring herself to resist physically, other than saying no.”

Academia on Edge

The Middle East Studies Establishment Goes Full Warrior

October 13th 2016

Daniel Pipes

It's only to be expected. My colleagues and I at the Middle East Forum have for over two decades criticized the decline of Middle East studies; so now, its syndicate, the Middle East Studies Association (MESA), has for the first time in 14 years replied in kind. The fusillade takes the form of a letter to Leslie Wong, president of San Francisco State University (SFSU).

MEF's Campus Watch has documented the disturbing ties between SFSU and An-Najah National University, a radical institution in the West Bank lauded by Hamas as a "greenhouse for martyrs" and described by the Washington Institute for Near East Policy as a hotbed of "terrorist recruitment, indoctrination, and [the] radicalization of students." We believe that Najah's long and sordid record should make it an academic pariah.

Specifically, we procured a copy of SFSU's Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Najah which revealed plans to set up faculty and student exchanges. Finding this agreement with the "greenhouse for martyrs" outrageous, MEF announced a nationwide campaign on Sep. 15 calling on SFSU to cancel the MOU with Najah.

MESA, always eager to flaunt its anti-Zionist credentials, responded with alacrity: on Sep. 19, its dual leadership of Beth Baron and Amy W. Newhall issued a letter to Wong that needs to be read in full to appreciate its factual inaccuracy and moral obtuseness. It does three things: whitewashes Najah's history, defends an SFSU faculty member from alleged "harassment" by us, and smears MEF's motives.


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