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Christian Festivity in Pakistan turned into Tragedy

March 28th 2016

As the masses gathered with their loved ones to celebrate the festivity of Easter and others to celebrate a holiday at the Gulshan Iqbal Park Lahore, where a large number of Christian community members were celebrating Easter Sunday a suicide bomber ripped through the laughter of the innocent children killing over 72 and injuring over 350. "There was blood and bodies everywhere, it was devastating, I almost fainted" said John Masih a young man who was at the park with his family. Army was deployed at the crime scene, according to the reports the situation in the all the hospitals in Lahore is tragic due to the shortage of the beds in the hospitals, the injured were treated on the floors. Mary John a mother of 3 in tears was searching for her children after the blast, " my whole world has ended, the children insisted to come to the park to enjoy themselves, now I cannot find them, I have lost everything." A family of 7 members were in Lahore from Sanghar, lost their lives in the incident. 8 teenagers from Youhanabad are also among the deceased, the religious leaders have condemned the brutality and visited the injured at the Services hospital and Jinnah hospital.

"A large number of people, majority of them women and children, were present in Gulshan-e-Iqbal Park in Lahore when the suicide bomber blew himself up. Mostly women and children are killed and injured in the blast, Experts say nearly 20kg of explosives were used in the blast. There were 4 attackers, 3 ran away and 1 exploded himself. " Said Lahore Police Chief Dr. Haider Ashraf. The police chief said there was an unusual rush of the people in the park due to the weekend and Easter. He said a large number of Christian community celebrating the holy day were present in the park. "Most of the dead and injured are women and children," said Mustansar Feroz, the police superintendent for the area in which the park is located. Police officials said they had recovered the body of the suicide bomber. He seems to be between 25 and 30 years old, he said. The civil society responded and rushed to the hospitals to donate blood for the injured, they vowed to stand united against extremism.

Life For All Pakistan has condemned the brutality and issued a statement, “Religious intolerance, sectarian violence and blatant terrorism is destroying the very core of our social fabric. In a plural Islamic Society, which is what we must aspire and strive to become, there is no place for intolerance, violence and appeasement of extremist groups who are trying to make our nation hostage to their obscurantist ideology. Make no mistake, the Pakistan Military is fighting a decisive battle to crush them. We know their days are numbered and Pakistan's better days are ahead of us. We have to show resolve in fighting and crushing these extremists and bringing back peace and stability to our beloved country.

The Race for EVs

EVs Increase But Gas Engines Are Here for Quite a While

March 27th 2016

Electric car Israel

Increasingly stiff limits on carbon emission and minimum fuel economy in most of the world's car markets mean that more plug-in electric cars must be sold. With battery costs steadily falling and the pricetag rising for the new technologies that make cars more efficient, some now envision a world in which all new vehicles have dispensed with combustion engines. It's a lovely vision, but it won't happen for decades, if ever.

Instead, gasoline engines will endure for many more decades, in smaller and far more efficient forms.

They'll often be paired with various types of electrification, from 48-volt enhanced start-stop systems to full plug-in hybrid powertrains.

That's the message offered by two executives from the major global parts supplier Continental, in an interesting piece by Drew Winter in Ward's Auto.


The Edge of Terrorism

This Freedom Thing will be the Death of Us

March 26th 2016

french riot police toulouse mar 2012

I don’t know where the next terrorist attack on Europe will take place.

But I do know who will be carrying it out.

Apart from the obvious – it being an incited Islamist – it will almost certainly be someone who the police know about and was on their ‘watch list’.

This has been a common theme all the way back to 9-11.

In almost every Islamist terror outrage since then it’s always been someone already ‘on the radar’ of the security services.

How many more innocent civilians have to lose their lives and how many more parents and spouses need to see their lives destroyed before this lunacy stops?

I speak not of the lunacy of Islamist terrorism. But the lunacy of our ascribing human rights to inhuman terrorists. Read more ..

Campus Hate

Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Leaders Hate America: Listen to Their Own Words!

March 23rd 2016

Anti-Israel Protest at UC Irvine

In recent years, the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) Movement has steadily advanced a poisonous culture of hate and anti-Semitism in our country. Across college campuses and in churches, in labor unions, academic institutions and in shareholder meetings of American Corporations, they have sought to demonize the State of Israel, with the eventual goal of destroying it.

Yet, what many do not realize is that the BDS agenda threatens not only the Middle East’s one democratic state; it threatens the entire democratic world, and the U.S. is in the eye of its storm. The tie that binds together the radical leftists and radical Islamists driving forward the BDS Movement is a common hatred for the U.S. and for the Western values and freedoms that America, Europe and Israel share. Indeed, BDS leaders publically call for the destruction of the very society that protects their right to free speech.

Don’t believe me? Let’s look at exactly what the most senior BDS leaders have to say about the United States.

BDS leaders hate America’s leadership role around the world. In an op-ed for the International Socialist Review titled “Palestine, BDS, and the battle against US imperialism,” Purdue University professor Bill Mullen, one of the BDS leaders who lobbied the American Studies Association to adopt a boycott of Israel, writes, “We can build a still-stronger BDS movement beginning in the name of Palestinian freedom and ending in a permanent blow against American empire.” Read more ..

The Race for Natural Gas

Shifting Eastern Mediterranean Alliances

March 19th 2016


The Eastern Mediterranean is changing fast with its estimated 122 trillion cubic feet (tcf) of natural gas reserves (the equivalent of 21 billion barrels of oil) already having an impact on regional patterns of amity and enmity.[1] With Israel and Cyprus well underway to becoming gas exporters, the problematic Israeli-Lebanese and Cypriot-Turkish relationships have been further strained. At the same time, energy cooperation has been the driving force behind the nascent Greek-Cypriot-Israeli partnership, manifested in rapidly growing defense and economic cooperation. Clearly, the development of energy resources and their transportation will have far-reaching geopolitical implications for the Eastern Mediterranean and its nations. Read more ..

Israel on Edge

CUFI Action Fund Expands Legislative Staff

March 18th 2016

Pastor John Hagee

The Christians United for Israel (CUFI) Action Fund has hired longtime political operative Jason Stverak to lead its legislative efforts in Washington and state capitals around the country. Stverak, who will serve as the Action Fund’s Legislative Director, most recently worked as Communications Director for Rep. Kevin Cramer (R-ND), and previously served as the Executive Director of the North Dakota Republican Party and later as the founder and President of the Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity.

"The year ahead promises to be full of challenges for the U.S.-Israel alliance and Middle East peace. But given Jason's stellar record and astute understanding of Washington’s inner workings, I know he will be a tremendous asset to our team," said Gary Bauer, Washington Director of the CUFI Action Fund.

"I’m very excited to be joining the Action Fund at this pivotal time. With an ascendant Iran, near daily Palestinian terror attacks, relentless persecution of Christians at the hands of radical Islamic extremists, and the rise of the BDS movement across the United States, now more than ever America’s Christian Zionists need to ensure our elected officials know exactly where we stand," said Stverak. Read more ..

The Race for Driverless Cars

Driver Assistance Becomes Predictive

March 14th 2016


A 360 degree surround sensing system today creates a virtual image of a car's environment, enabling the electronic systems to keep the vehicle in the selected lane and to hit the brake if an obstacle emerges. Now Honda has added a predictive element - their Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control (i-ACC) system can tell if a fellow car driver has the intention to cut in.

Has Honda the proverbial crystal ball? No - the i-ACC uses camera and radar to sense the position of other vehicles on the road. The system runs an algorithm that can determine the likelihood of vehicles in adjacent lanes cutting-in. For this purpose it evaluates the relation between the vehicles in the surroundings and how they change. According to Honda, the predictable time horizon is about 2 seconds. And of course the outcome of the computation is not a 100% sure prediction, it is more like a guess, albeit a rather good one. 

The system has been devised by European and Japanese developers and is based on real-world research of typical European driving styles. It will make its debut this year on the new European CR-V, building upon the traditional Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) system.

Traditional ACC systems keep a preselected longitudinal velocity, which is only reduced for maintaining a safe distance to a car in front. However, if a vehicle cuts in from a neighboring lane, the traditional ACC system reacts later thus requiring stronger braking. Read more ..

Vote 2016

Tribute to a Good Man -- Ben Carson

March 3rd 2016

Armstrong Williams Headshot

When it's all said and done, and the 2016 political season has come to an end – two things will have assuredly happened. First, we will have elected a new President of the United States. Second, the tone of electoral politics will have changed forever in the United States. Dr. Ben Carson, who announced yesterday that he would be suspending his campaign, has forever changed electoral politics in the United States for the better. He will be remembered as having run one of the most unique and – especially by contrast – dignified campaigns in presidential election history.

To be completely fair to Carson, he did not actively seek the role of presidential candidate; he was drafted into it. After his appearance at the National Prayer breakfast in 2013 (his second, making him and evangelist Billy Graham the only persons to be invited twice speak at the breakfast), in which he criticized so-called progressive policies and called them essentially un-Christian, many people took notice of Carson. The closer they looked, the more they like what they saw. A slow, gentle, but unmistakable mantra began to gather steam among Americans urging Carson to "Run Ben Run." This phrase echoed throughout Carson’s travels through America in the early months of 2014, as he visited cities and towns, speaking at churches, high schools and book signings. It began to take on real significance when a political action committee with the same name was formed.

Carson was initially surprised but appreciative of all of the accolades and encouragement he was receiving from all around the country.   He was already transitioning into a retirement after an illustrious medical career, and looking forward to devoting time to personal pursuits. But the clamor from those around the country who saw Carson as a 'Breath of Fresh Air' continued to encourage him and make him consider the fact that God had a plan for him beyond just retiring to a life of comfort and ease. Ever eager to obey and appear willing in the sight of God, Carson seriously considered the options. He ultimately let both his faith and his intellect guide his decision to take the risk and enter the presidential contest. Read more ..

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