Political advocacy NGOs that claim a medical mandate, as well as affiliated individuals, have been active in publicly and falsely condemning Israel’s self-defense measures in Gaza during July 2014.

These NGOs and activists: 1) demonize Israel and use hate speech under the guise of medical expertise and scientific fact; 2) deny Israel's obligation to defend its citizens; 3) present political analysis, legal declarations, and speculations regarding Israel’s military operations and weaponry, far beyond the scope of any medical expertise they might possess; and 4) promote distorted and false narratives.

In addition, they completely ignore Hamas' use of hospitals and ambulances for military purposes, as well as its systematic exploitation of civilians in Gaza as human shields. Statements also fail to acknowledge (and indeed claim otherwise) that despite persistent rocket fire and terrorist activity, Israel operates a humanitarian field hospital in Gaza, and the Kerem Shalom and Erez crossings have remained open to supply humanitarian aid and essential supplies, including food and fuel, to Gaza.